The Panayi Factor

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Panayi's Perspective - the definitive quotes

On Arsenal: "I've got a season ticket to the Emirates Stadium, I went on Saturday. Often I don't see much of the game, I'm just looking around the stadium..." - 26.9.06
On average cost curves:
"We might all die, but then this won't matter anyway..." - 26.9.06
On average cost curves: "I knew someone would ask me about this, so I looked it up last night. But now I've forgotten about it..." - 26.9.06
On Dragons' Den: "Duncan Bannatyne, he's a bit of a dude, waterskiing like James Bond, you kinda expect him to shoot the screen and have it go red" - 26.9.06
On Dragons' Den: "That Theo Paphitis, he's the worst one, he's pretty mean, and he's Greek, with his teeth..." - 26.9.06
On factors of production: "Well, you've got land, labour, capital and enterprise now, but in a few years there might be a fifth factor of production - who knows?" - 26.9.06
On God: "Maybe the poor need God so that they don't feel so bad about being poor, whereas the rich just say 'God? Pff, I've got a credit card'..." - 26.9.06
On God: "God could still exist right now - I'd still have to go to work, wouldn't I?" - 26.9.06
On Jigsy: "So is it Giggsy or Jiggly?" - 26.9.06
On Ken: "Legend" - 26.9.06
On labour shortages:
"You can always make more people" - 26.9.06
On love: "Yeah, why not" - 26.9.06
On the working age: "If you work too hard in your 20s, you lose your looks..." - 26.9.06