The Panayi Factor

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Panayi's Perspective: The Definitive Quotes III

On Channel 5: "Anyone see 'Banged up Abroad' last night? They showed some woman smuggling heroin out of Thailand... They were going to execute her, but they didn't bother..." -3.10.06
On himself: "I'm the spawn of Stalin" - 2.10.06
On himself: "Ooh, I've got a really itchy leg" - 3.10.06
On holidays: "I'm going up to Leeds, to see my brother... just for a couple of days" - 3.10.06
On Jigsy: "He doesn't want to read, you keep pushing him into reading stuff..." - 3.10.06
On reading text: "Tell you what, I'll read and you can nap or something if you like..." - 3.10.06
On shoes: "Yeah, these I'm wearing are a black version, in boot form... Genius. I've just been staring at them all weekend, bought them on Saturday" [pulls up trouser leg slightly to show off boot] "Genius." - 3.10.06
On The Star being 5p: "It doesn't really deserve to be any more than that, does it?" - 3.10.06
On visiting the dentist: "Good luck" - 3.10.06

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Panayi's Perspective - the definitive quotes II

On average cost curves: "I looked it up and kicked myself, literally... in the back of the head" - 28.9.06
On badgers playing hopscotch: "Yeah, well that's unit 2..." - 28.9.06
On diseconomies of scale: "If you excersise a bit, then it's good for you because you get a bit fitter. But if you excersise too much then you can't run properly because you get just too big and muscular... well, I think it's a good analogy..." - 28.9.06
On economies of scale: "If you buy 400 toilet rolls, it's a lot cheaper than just buying one... you can keep them under the stairs... maybe have some of those puppies running around under there too..." - 28.9.06
On economies of scale: "Saying 'I'm a Saville Row tailor' sounds better than if you come from, say, Deptford" - 28.9.06
On Fleur De Lys: "Every time they come in here they leave my chair set lower down. You know what I'm talking about - you expect it to be higher up than it is... I nearly broke my back sitting down just then..." - 29.9.06
On hidden charges: "If you want to put this as an example of 'Merking' people, you can" - 28.9.06
On printed handouts: "You can kill people with kindness, I say" - 28.9.06
On making posters:
"Maybe when we're doing something interesting, like interest rates"- 28.9.06
On slow workers: "Un-believable..." - 28.9.06
On specialisation: "What if your job was always to put the third nut on one of the wheels of a car? You'd get pretty bored. I suppose you could spice it up a bit and try putting the fourth nut on instead, but you wouldn't be as good at it because really you're 'nut no.3 guy'..." - 28.9.06
On specialisation: "If all you ever do is put a nut on a car wheel, either your wrist would deteriorate or you'd end up with just one huge hand weighing you down..." - 28.9.06
On the risks of specialisation: "What if people suddenly turn around and say 'We don't want windows any more, we want a more outdoorsy life'..." - 28.9.06
On the use of the word "Bangin'": "Yeah, very good stuff" - 28.9.06